Brand Identity - Social Media

About the project

Petworld is a known brand that has been established in the Philippines since 1993. The brand not only needed an updated identity to match the current modern appeal and aesthetic, but also to bring the brand into the possibilities of digital platforms and modern technologies – where a growing number of their target market actively engages in.


Mapping out the brand's core identity served as a guide to creating the concept for its refreshed identity. Feedback from their community and customer base provided insight that the brand is well-known for its friendliness, passion, and trustworthiness – the key aspects that inspired Petworld's new identity.

Logo concept

Having identified the brand's center, building the logo concept now relied on Petworld's future trajectory as an enterprise, while also taking into account its significant past – having just celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2018. The owners found themselves at the crux of maintaining old (or current), loyal clientele while also wanting to tap markets beyond their local and to those more engaged on the internet and social media. Not only that, expanding the brand's reach also meant the need to solidify its identity amidst increasing competition, and preparing themselves for the possibility of franchise.

The resulting logo then would have to be a balance between a refreshing new take of Petworld as a brand, while also maintining certain elements of its long-standing identity.

The redesigned logo began as a portrayal of a cat and a dog playfully peeking out of a box, and colors centered on the bright and vibrant hues of orange. The wordmark has been completely redesigned with a new typeface and presented in small caps, further signifying the logo's overall sense of fun and ease.

As requested by the client, Epicco tested a few iterations of the globe element added in, serving as this updated logo's foothold and ode to their long-standing, classic design.

These trials then evolved to the final design below that speaks of how pets (and their care) mean the world for the brand, much as it is for their passionate, loving pet owner customers.

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